Flair Gifts - Amy Covington Hudson and the Story of the Stars
Love & Renewal

The Story of the Stars

So here is my story written more in starfish than in words, ironic with my being a writer, too. Undoubtedly, the starfish have guided my redemption story. Like them, I yearned to be renewed and whole again. So here our story begins. 

The Starfish Trees began in my heart, spilled into my garage and have since become little stars of their own. People are mesmerized by the starfish in our collection and inspired by what the starfish represent—diving love and renewal. Fitting, since starfish have the amazing ability to regrow lost or broken limbs to be whole again. 

Beginning in 2018, a spine injury very much took me out of the game of life. I searched for answers for years to heal my pain, often as emotional as physical being relegated to near isolation. Neck surgery gave me relief but not rebirth…that came from these inspirational little stars, each with their arms tipped toward the heavens.

The starfish and I found new life together working hand in hand. Healing came to me through these bright and glorious starfish. My body will never be the same, and I will always have pain, but it is manageable. The starfish and I were together renewed as we found purposeful new life. The starfish were reborn as art. I was reborn as a second-time small business owner who could live and work again. I am so blessed.

The starfish are part of my journey, but I feel they are also an important element in the collective narrative of human experience. We hurt and we heal...but not alone. I would never be here without the many people who loved me and cheered me on. 

With divine love in mind, I prayed to be renewed and God answered me. Through these little stars, I found my light and ability to create again. My wish now is that our starfish may brighten and inspire others to navigate by the stars and walk by faith. 

Amy Hudson
Starfish Artist & Woman-Owned Small-Business Owner