White Noise: A Survivor's Story

White Noise: A Survivor's Story


White noise by definition is background noise that drowns out other noises by masking or obliterating unwanted sounds.

My experience with white noise is different…symbolic. I am a domestic violence survivor.

Like so many, my abuser dimmed my light to a hum of nothingness. I masked pain and drowned out fear to escape my horrible reality.

With their arms tipped to the heavens, the starfish trees are part of my redemption story, fitting as starfish represent divine love and renewal. If a starfish arm is severed, the arm grows back new and whole again.

Together with the trees, I have found wholeness and new purpose. And love. Each starfish tree is made by my hand, from my heart and with the hope that others, too, may escape the dark noise of domestic violence. I have found much light on the other side.

With Love, Amy Covington Hudson

Domestic Violence Survivor, Starfish Artist & Small Business Owner

This story was written to accompany a Starfish Tree donation to The Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence's fundraising efforts.  Please consider supporting this essential organization.